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  1. I prepared some review materials for today's Connected Minds reading:

    Page, L., Brin, S., Motwani, R., & Winograd, T. (1999). The PageRank citation ranking: bringing order to the web. Retrieved from http://ilpubs.stanford.edu:8090/422 PDF

    The importance of a Web page is an inherently subjective matter, which depends on the readers interests, knowledge and attitudes. But there is still much that can be said objectively about the relative importance of Web pages. This paper describes PageRank, a method for rating Web pages objectively and mechanically, effectively measuring the human interest and attention devoted to them.

    We compare ...

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  2. I presented the following poster at Collective Intelligence in Cambridge, MA. You can download the poster here. There is an accompanying writeup in the conference proceedings, which is forthcoming. (I will update this page once the proceedings are public.)

    Meme Creation and Sharing Processes


    The propagation of online memes is initially influenced by meme creators and secondarily by meme consumers, whose individual sharing decisions accumulate to determine total meme propagation. We characterize this as a sender/receiver sequence in which the first sender is also the creator. This sequence consists of two distinct processes, the creation process and the sharing process. We investigated these ...

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  3. I prepared some review materials for today's Connected Minds reading:

    Christofides, E., Muise, A., & Desmarais, S. (2012). Risky Disclosures on Facebook: The Effect of Having a Bad Experience on Online Behavior. Journal of Adolescent Research, 27 (6), 714–731. doi:10.1177/0743558411432635 PDF

    The following outline consists of notes and excerpts I've quoted directly from the reading. The 300-word abstract summarizes the entire paper succinctly, so I've reproduced it in list-form. Detailed notes are provided for the rest of the paper.


    • Internet presents new risks:
      • from strangers:
        • predators
        • identity theft
      • from acquaintances:
        • future employers may ...
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